4. Rules and Regulations

Welcome to Noble Aviation Virtual Airline

Flying offline or online, being a beginner or virtual pro - everyone is welcome.

Membership with us is basically free of charge, commercial interests are not pursued by us and with us.


Code of conduct

The user will commit to maintaining correct, tolerant, and educated behavior while using Noble Aviation Virtual Airline platform, website & Discord and on the online networks (IVAO/VATSIM).


Every member of our VA is an active member as long as he files 1 pirep during 270 days. Reactivation is possible. We want to ensure that only active members interested in our VA have access to our data. 

Membership does not preclude you from being or becoming active for other virtual airlines. Pilots of our virtual competitors are welcome, as our pilots are of course free to join other VAs. We only expect that booked flights will be booked and billed exclusively with us. This applies both to online flights operated on VATSIM, IVAO or another network under NOA + VA number (e.g. Noble123) Callsign, as well as offline flights.  


Online flying IVAO/VATSIM

Flying online is not mandatory in our VA. 

We would like to urge every pilot who goes under the radio call sign of one of the online networks to question their virtual flying skills before the first take-off. Flying online is only fun if you master basic basics such as safe take-offs and landings and the basics of navigation. 

What we expect from our Pilots when flying online:

  1. If you are a member of IVAO or Vatsim, you must be in good standing with them.
  2. Must be able to communicate with basic english. 
  3. Although there is no obligation to fly on a network, pilots must have a VATSIM and/or IVAO account which is active
  4. When flying online, pilots should display good airmanship, fly in a realistic manner, and adhere and comply to the IVAO or VATSIM regulations
  5. Never argue with other pilots. 
  6. Keep a civilized manner when communicating with other pilots. 
  7. Please remember that when flying for the VA you are representing Noble Aviation Virtual Airline.



  • By sending an e-mail to the Staff of the company: nobleaviation.va@gmail.com
  • When sanctioned by any member of IVAO or VATSIM Staff. 
  • If a breach of the established rules occurs. 
  • For breach of the rules associated with Discord.
  • By transmitting information of the company itself to non-members. 
  • If deemed appropriate for the benefit of Noble Aviation Virtual Airlines. 


Data collection & protection

In accordance with all data collection and protection regulations, your data will be used securely and confidentially. Your data will not be used to sell to third party individuals. The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. Thank you for reading and agreeing to these policies. Remember that suggestions for improvements are always welcome.


Thank you for reading & being a pilot at Noble Aviation Virtual Airline

Any registered pilot in our company who is either an Administrator, Staff or Pilot, may be registered as a pilot in another VA as long as you do not break the rules of Noble Aviation Virtual Airline. Thank you for reading these policies.